My name is Jonathan Hui. I started this blog to share my excitement about Deep Learning. My journey started many years ago when I built a recommendation engine. After the project, I time-boxed myself for 3 months to learn Deep learning. After years, I am still learning and the excitement never dies. The community in Deep learning is sometimes like a secret society. There are secret handshakes and lingos. And the Math is beautiful. But for engineers, it may not be an easy journey.

We need a wider spectrum of expertises including engineers that understand both AI and products. However, studying deep learning can be challenging. Without guidance, even a simple topic may involve an avalanche of terminologies and concepts.

In Theoretical Physics, Professor Susskind once said “Fat advanced textbooks are are not suitable to people who have no teacher to ask questions of, and the popular literature does not go deeply enough to satisfy these curious people.”

Many articles here served as my personal and professional notes. I develop better understanding when I re-organize my thought in my notes. I wish some of the articles give you better insights beyond the equations and also give you enough details to explore. If you are interested in a specific article, feel free to click the “recommend” button before the discussion section. If time permitted, I will spend more time to refine them.

For those intersted in connecting with me professionally, you can find me at Linkedin.